Dads Thoughts

How did I make it this far, and why are these people looking at me?

Dads Thoughts - How did I make it this far, and why are these people looking at me?

I cried like a child

11861001.JPGEvery once in a while we all have a moment when we hear or see something that helps us change the way we are looking at our lives or the world as we think we know it. Today I came across this video and had one of those moments. For me these moments are far to rare and I find that I want and need more of them.

I will admit that even though I’m a middle-aged dad who has been around the block a few times with my own experiences in life, this made me cry like a little child. I don’t cry very often and when I do I don’t admit it to the world but when I saw what this fourteen year old boy goes through on a constant basis I just lost it. My own children are around this young mans age and I could barely allow myself to imagine that any of my children would have to go through this.

Jonathan is now one of my heroes and he demands my immediate and permanent respect. I would love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment.

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A Christmas version of a very famous song.

I have always liked this song but I like it with these lyrics even better. The holiday season has always been difficult for me. I’m not sure why but a gloomy feeling comes and goes over me during this time of year. This year I’m trying to be in a better place, so I am paying more attention to simple things like this song to help me find that place and stay there.

I hope you enjoy it and share it with others who may need a little lift in spirit.



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Black Friday? No Thanks!

Black Friday is definately NOT on my list of priorities. Come on! Let’s go and wait in ridiculous lines where people, who are practically foaming at the mouth,  have built lists of items they want badly enough that they are willing to beat you down into a senseless heap on the floor in order to get at.

My wife goes just about every year with her mom, sister and sister in law. they make a whole night of it and for them it’s fun because they get to talk and “hang out”. I guess they feel safe too because they have each others backs. I wouldn’t mess with that bunch myself and I wouldn’t wish the wrath that would flow upon anyone that crosses one of the sisterhood.

I can’t imagine myself going eny farther than my front porch on Black Friday. I am happy staying home with all four kids and making breakfast. I’d even clean the house and do the laundry as long as I don’t have to go anywhere on Black Friday.

Here’s a fun list of other things I’d rather do.

What would you rather do than go shopping on Black Friday?

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A simple act of caring and being embarrassed.

I remember an act of kindness similar to the one in this video that happened when I was around eleven or so. My single mom had taken up to Southern California for a vacation to Disneyland, Sea World and the beach. Before we got there the engine in our old station wagon died and was too expensive to replace so the mechanic offered mom $300 for the car since he could use it for parts. We ended up taking a taxi to our hotel and despite the setback we went on with most of our vacation plans. We took the bus to get where we needed to go, cut our vacation time in half and saved as much as we could while on the trip since we would have to buy bus tickets to get back home to Arizona. This eliminated almost all of our travel goodies that like souvenirs, treats and extras at the amusement parks and eating out while on our vacation. I still remember it being pretty fun considering the lack of money and mom being stressed out knowing that she was going to have to figure out how to buy another car once we got home.

I remember the bus trip back pretty vividly. I remember driving through Vagas and the flooding rainstorm we drove through as I watched water high enough to go into some of the retail stores we were passing. i also remember the bus leaking just above me and holding out my hand to catch the drops.

I clearest memory is of when we stopped at a roadside diner to eat. Mom was pretty much out of money at this point and bought was she could for us kids to eat. I remember her going off about the outrageous prices in a voice that was louder than I wanted it to be. I was a bit embarrassed and didn’t eat much but gave most of what I had to my siblings.

We got back on the bus for what I think was the last leg of our trip. there weren’t enough seats in close proximity to where mom sat so I ended up several rows in front of where she was so the little kids could be near her. i remember sitting next to the window and next to me was a man who was probably in his mid twenties or maybe thirty at the most. After we settled in and the bus was back on the highway this man got my attention since I was looking out the window and reached his hand out toward me. In his hand was a danish covered in a napkin and he told me to take it. I said that was alright, he was a stranger after all and I had been taught not to take anything from strangers. I can’t remember his exact words but he made it clear that I was to take that danish and eat it. I knew that he had overheard mom talking loudly in the diner and just wanted to do something kind. I took it and I ate it. I was grateful for it and I have never forgotten this.

This video immediately reminded me of this experience. It’s a very touching video and has a few good messages. We should be kind to others and help when we can. We should also be humble enough to allow others to help us. People can be very proud and not want to accept help from others. However we should be willing to let others help because it can often mean more to them than it does to us.

You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video. I would really like your comments and stories about similar situations that you have experienced. Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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Someone get this dad a prize.

ScorpionThe things us dads will do for our kids, especially when they are younger, can be very telling as to how we really feel about our little rug rats. We do things for our older kids too, but I think they get played down a bit or are maybe more expected so we don’t get as much praise. Besides by the time the kids are grown a bit things just aren’t as cute and they are when they are little.

I remember a time when the twins were just crawling when I walked into the bathroom in the hallway and saw my son Carter there on the floor. He looked really cute as he put one hand in front of the other, following with his knees as he crawled across the tile. Then I noticed the scorpion, crawling in much the same manner, he was headed straight for. I jumped into action and scooped him up while at the same moment I raised my foot and squashed the scorpion under my shoe. Quick and brave I was at that moment that I saved my son from instant pain, suffering and possibly a visit to the doctor. But I wasn’t finished… the easy part had been done. What I did next was painful, expensive and far beyond what I thought I would be doing that weekend.

I decided to really protect my baby boy and baby girl, all of us really, I was going to seal up every crack and crevis that these mean little beasts used to get into the house. This was our safe place from the world and it needed to be safer. So after doing some research and a trip to Lowe’s I have everything I needed to make our fortress safe for crawling babies.

My heck I thought I was going to die…

I can’t remember exactly what month it was but it was summer time. And living in Arizona summer time is bummer time. This job I took on involved going all the way around my house laying on my back squeezing the handle of my caulking gun as I filled the open crevice between the foundation and the stucco that covered the outside of the house. Why it’s not against the law for a builder to allow that crevice to be there is beyond me but it was. In some places I could stick my finger right up through. Not that I did really because well there were probably scorpions up in there.

Then I went up on the roof to place wire mesh over the ventilation pipes and ducts that were open for anything to crawl into. I caulked everything I could find to that nothing could get in. After I started hallucinating from the 110 degree heat and dehydration I called my friend Rich who came to help and saved the day. By the way thank you Rich, I’m sure I still owe you for that.

So for about two weeks after I sealed up the house we found scorpions on a  regular basis and we had to keep a watchful eye while the twins were crawling around. The scorpions were now trapped IN the walls and other places that scorpions hide and could no longer get out the usual ways that they were used to, so they wandered everywhere looking a new place to get out. They did get out it was usually as scorpion juice on a wadded up paper towel that had been used to get them off of the tile after being stepped on. It got ugly for a little while but in the long run my almost dying paid off and the twins could roam freely about and I could sleep at night again knowing that the kids were all safe.

I’m sure every dad has a great story to tell about how they saved the day and sacrificed for their kids. The guy in this video may not have thought it through entirely but neither did I when I decided to take on the scorpion project but that’s ok. We were willing and able and just did it. We love you kids! And don’t you ever forget it.

Someone get this dad a prize for being willing to crawl into the crib. I also want to know the brand of crib this is. Seems to be very well-built.

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